Monday, March 23, 2009

Five quick detox tips foe Linux

Five quick detox tips

  1. Customise your distro Revisor, bundled with the latest Fedora release, is perfect for creating your own customised distribution and putting it on to a USB stick. A customised distribution will enable you to fine tune your own requirements as well as helping to keep your data to a minimum.
  2. Rescue is at hand If you run into problems restoring from a backup or reinstalling the operating system, have something such as SystemRescueCd close to hand for troubleshooting. This can help with LVM and booting as well as getting at your backup archives and even old data.
  3. Ghost a working install Use Partimage to make a ghost copy of a freshly installed and configured Linux installation. This can save you a great deal of time if you just need to quickly reinstall your system and it's perfect as a backup medium too.
  4. Remote storage Store your transferable data on an alternate drive. You can then wipe your Linux installation knowing that your important data is still safe. If it's network-attached storage, there's the added advantage of universal access.
  5. Use symlinks Symbolically link directories you know you want to keep using ln -s source destination. If the destination is on a remote drive, you only need to restore the symbolic links on a fresh installation to get access to your old data. Links will be saved as part of a backup, which is handy.

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